The Journey Begins…

The moment you open open a book and start reading that very first page.
Books take us on a journey some are happy, some are sad, others make us laugh out loud, there are scary ones, weird ones, true stories or just pure fantasy, wherever that journey takes you, share your experience with others.
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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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Shiela Jeffries – The Boy with No Boots, The Girl By The River & Born to be Trouble


This book trilogy from Sheila Jeffries is absolutely superb, such a beautiful story which starts at the time of the first war, telling the story of Freddie Barcussy and his parents.

Freddie hasn’t had the best start in life, suffering ill health and having to support his Mum Annie who has a phobia of going out. Freddie often ran errands for Annie walking miles in clogs, but Freddie has a secret gift, he is clairvoyant and sees spirit people, although when he told his teacher he could see his dead wife, he got into lots of trouble and was forbidden from mentioning any spirit people in future.

Freddie’s parents buy a bakery trying to provide for Freddie so that he can go into the family business, however Freddie has other ideas he secretly saves up to buy a lorry and start his own haulage business.

Freddie meets Kate and falls in love at first sight, circumstance takes them miles apart, but Freddie knew Kate was the only woman for him. Freddie bided his time and after a number of obstacles are overcome, they finally get married and settle down to start their own little family.

The Girl by the River, tells you about Freddie and Kate’s married life and their two baby girls, Lucy and Tessa.

When Tessa is born Freddie has a chance meeting with a Romany gypsy Madam Eltura who insists on telling Freddie about his new born child’s future.

Freddie tells no one of Madam Eltura’s prediction of what the future held, but instead he writes it down and hides it away.

As the girls grow up Tessa is quite a troubled girl and it soon becomes apparent that she also shares Freddie’s gift of clairvoyance and she is a healer.

As we move into Born to Be Trouble, this 3rd book follows Tessa’s struggle as she tries to find her purpose in life.

The books are mostly set in Somerset, Cornwall and London and follows the changes through the 1940’s through to 1970’s.

I can honestly say that I didn’t want the story to end, I laughed and sobbed reading this series. What’s more surprising is this isn’t normally the sort of book I would go for, but my Mum read Born to be Trouble, not realising that it was the last book in a series, she knows that I have an affinity to Glastonbury and I’ve been doing Mediumship development, so she thought this would be right up my street and I can definitely say it was.

Although there are a few spoilers in this review, these books have so much more to give, I cannot recommend them enough. Give them a read you won’t regret it!