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My name is Lesley Halliday. I love to read and I like to share my opinion of a book to help others. I don’t know about you but I always check out other reader reviews for a book and other items including household items, even hotels and restaurants before I decide to make a purchase or booking.

Since I planned my wedding ten years ago after using the help of reviews and recommendations I decided that I would start leaving my own reviews and recommendations to help others.

As an avid reader one of the items I review regularly are books, which until recently I reviewed on Amazon.

I am a member of a team of readers on Facebook who help a new author by reading her books and providing her with details of any typos or grammatical errors, also if something doesn’t read right we provide some ideas on how it could be amended.

Once the book is published we write an honest review on Amazon to try and encourage other readers to take a chance and buy the book.

My frustration began when I came to review the latest book only to find that Amazon wouldn’t allow me to submit my review saying that it did not comply with their Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased. When I looked more closely Amazon have deleted every review I have written on its site.

I have emailed Amazon to query this, I have explained that I do not know and have never met this author or any other so I have no relationship with them, but Amazon haven’t had the courtesy to reply to email.

I started looking for other places online where I could review books to help other people discover great books that I have read and enjoyed. I couldn’t find anywhere online to leave a review.

Goodreads is a good site but if you access it by Facebook you can only rate the book and I wanted to write a review, I have now found I can do this by accessing the full website but I had already started developing this site.

There are websites to review holidays, restaurants and traders so why not have a site dedicated to independent book reviews where people can leave an honest review and discus books they love with other like minded people.

It appears that Amazon is pretty ruthless and doesn’t do very much to help budding new authors, they seem to make everything as difficult as possible. For instance did you know that if you are a kindle unlimited customer, unless you click right through to the end of the book the author receives nothing. For Amazon to support a book it must have 50 plus 4 star reviews and with Amazon removing reviews this affects Authors who may already be struggling financially, I have seen the upset and frustration this has caused the author I help, to the point that she has talked about walking away from doing her dream job.

Then you get the people who purposely leave 1 star reviews and slate the book on purpose to reduce the books rating, being an author these days is really hard work and it’s really awful knowing how upsetting this is for the person who is just trying to launch a successful writing career. So this website is being set up to allow people to review books and share their opinion of the book to help others.

I may not be an author but I have felt the frustrations from the author I have helped and I have found it upsetting when she has been ready to walk away from writing, which would deprive me and her other readers from enjoying her wonderful books.

As well as a book review website I would like this to be a place where readers can discuss books and their stories or topics and share what they loved or didn’t about the book.

This site is going to be a work in progress and if you comment on a post or a book please remember when you leave a review that authors are human too and if you say nasty things, this hurts their feelings so be constructive if you don’t like a book say what and why you don’t like it.

Thank you for your support and I welcome your views and feedback and look forward to discussing great books with you.

Lesley 📚💕

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