#bookreview – Chaos and Class ~Colleen Charles~

Book Synopsis


I live to fight. Because right now, I need money and I’ll do anything to get it.

One thing consumes me. A secret. It drives me forward in spite of the pain.


That’s why I’m called Chaos.

In the MMA world, I can create order out of a hot mess.

She doesn’t care for the MMA world. Or me. She’s a rich man’s daughter.

She thinks she has me fooled with her glasses and her tailored tweed.

What she doesn’t know is that I see her better than most.

She’s been trapped inside her gilded cage.

And I’m going to let her fly.


I like order. Numbers. A solid strategy.

But he’s set me on fire. My once calm body has exploded into an inferno of raging lust.

I’ve been dissolved to …


My father literally owns him but he’ll never admit it.

With Grayson, I feel safe. Protected. Cherished.

But a threat comes out of nowhere. One I never saw coming. And he can’t protect me no matter how much he wants to.

But he’ll try and I’ll let him.

Our desire, our connection, our love… it just might cost him his life.

My review:

Well another fantastic book from author Colleen Charles, this is the story of Grayson aka Chaos and Jewel.

They are two very different characters, Grayson does what he needs to survive. Whereas Jewel has a wealthy businessman for a father who she works for, she is classy and has a head for numbers spreadsheets and order.

They definitely say opposites attract and they do in this case. This is a rollercoaster of a story but one I enjoyed very much. I had never read any sports romance novels until I discovered Colleen Charles books and who would have thought sports and romance in a story would work but it certainly does.

This is a great book, well written with interesting characters and an unusual but interesting storyline.

Give it a go you won’t be disappointed.

I received a free copy of this book to review and advise on typos and errors. I originally reviewed on Amazon before they removed by review claiming my review was biased.

To find out more about author Colleen Charles then check out her website www.colleencharles.com

If you would like to read this book you can buy it here: Chaos and Class on Amazon UK

If you have read this book share your views in the comments…

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