#Bookreview – Easy Connections ~Liz Berry~

Book Synopsis:

No more exams. No more boring holiday work. Just two blissful weeks painting in the country – then, art college at last. Just paint, paint, paint!

Cathy Harlow is a gifted painter. She is seventeen and three glorious years at art college stretch ahead of her. But when she meets Paul Devlin, lead guitarist of the famous rock band Easy Connections, and a millionaire superstar, her dreams are shattered.

Dev is beautiful and brilliant but with an explosive violence lurking just below his cool and easy charm. Cathy is attracted and repelled in equal measure, but Dev is determined to have her – and Dev usually gets what he wants.

Easy Connections is a powerful and compelling novel, a love story with a difference, set against a vivid background of art school and the larger-than-life world of successful rock stars – a world where you set your own limits or live beyond them.

About the Author

Liz Berry lives in London. She is a painter who exhibits her work regularly. She has been head of art in an East London high school, a careers guidance counsellor helping young people plan their futures, worked in politics, and for a well-known examination body. She also runs her own small art gallery.

My review:


I read this book over 30 years ago when I was in my last year of high school and I loved it.

When I bought my kindle a few years ago I looked to see if you could get it for Kindle and it wasn’t available but I found an email address for the author and emailed her to ask if she had any plans to release this on Kindle and I had a lovely reply saying she would look into it and I am thrilled to find that she has now released it as this is a superb book, great story and really well written and your hooked from the very beginning.

The story is original and still relevant today as it was when I first read it 30 years ago although back then it was considered controversial due to the subject matter. The book was still as good as I remembered and even though I knew the story, I hadn’t remembered all the little details so I have really enjoyed reading it again.

The book is about 17 year old Cathy Harlow who is planning to start art school in September, she goes to stay with family in the holidays who live in a police house the grounds of which ajoins to the grounds of the house of a famous rock star who Cathy unexpectedly meets and her world is turned upside down from their encounter and Dev pursues her and thinks that she is playing hard to get but she is badly frightened by the violence of his pursuit.

This maybe written for the teen market but it’s superb even for adults. I would recommend this and the follow up book easy Freedom.

If you would like to read this book for yourself then you can find it here Amazon UK

Also now available on iBooks by clicking Here

To find out more about the author and these books click here Facebook page

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