#bookreview – Chances ~Jackie Collins~

Book Synopsis:

The book that made Jackie Collins one of Britain’s favourite authors sweeps you from the sophisticated playgrounds of Europe to the glittering gambling palaces of Las Vegas.

It plunges you into the reckless, dangerous world of the Santangelo crime family.

It introduces you to Gino Santangelo, the street kid who makes it all the way to the top.

And it then brings you Lucky – his sensual, stunningly beautiful, and passionate daughter; a woman who dares to win her father’s empire for herself; a woman unafraid of taking … Chances.

My Review:


This is the first book in a series that follows the Santangelo family, from Gino Santangelo’s humble beginnings as a street kid who made it to the top within the mafia.

What I love about Jackie Collins characters is that they are all based on people she knew and she used to say that she played down some of the escapades! For those who know their mafia history you will recognise some of the names or be able to work out who the characters is based on.

This book although daunting with over 700 pages is an easy, enjoyable and addictive read. It follows the life of Gino Santangelo growing up in the 1920’s an era when alcohol was banned and he got into bootlegging liquor and he gradually worked his way up the ranks within the mafia. It also tells the story of the rivalries between Mafia families and in particular Gino’s rivals the Bonatti family.

Gino gets married to Maria and he and his beautiful wife have a son Dario and a daughter Lucky and Gino hopes that Dario will follow in his footsteps into the family business, however Gino has a major surprise when it’s wild child Lucky who wants to get involved in the business as Dario is not interested.

Lucky is harder and stronger than most men, she takes over the running of the family business when Gino has to go into tax excile in Israel, Lucky is determined to keep the family business on track and doesn’t care what it takes to make that happen!

Absolutely superb book once you read this you will be hungry for the rest of the series!



Lady Boss

Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge

Dangerous Kiss

Drop Dead Beautiful

Poor Little Bitch Girl

Goddess of Vengeance

Confessions of a wild child

The Santangelos

If you have read this book and wish to share your views please do so in the comments.

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