#bookreview – Ghost House ~Clare McNally~


The VanBuren family could not have been happier the day they moved into their dream home, a charming Long Island Victorian. But soon the dream turns into a nightmare. A centuries-old presence, desperate to be reunited with the love that was cruelly taken from him, sets his sights on Melanie VanBuren. Nothing will stop him from having his ‘darling,’ not Melanie’s husband, Gary, or their three young children.

Can Melanie bring an end to the horror before her family is destroyed?


“A macabre imagination and a tight rein on your nerves are required for McNally’s latest release.” ~Publishers Weekly on Good Night, Sweet Angel

“You won’t sleep after you read this one!” ~The West Orange Times on Somebody Come and Play

Cries of the Children is one of my all-time favorite books, a real page turner. For mystery and suspense buffs, it’s a must read. For sci-fi enthusiasts, it’s a must own. Luckily, I’m both.” ~Octavia Spencer, Academy Award-winning Actress


Clare McNally began a successful writing career at the age of 23, with the publication of Ghost House in 1980. She is the author of thirteen novels in the Horror/Supernatural genre, and her best-selling novels have been published in several languages, including Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch. Clare is a lifetime resident of Long Island, where she lives with her husband, Mike. They are the parents of four adult children and will soon welcome a son-in-law.

This is the first time Ghost House is available as an e-book. Be sure to check out Clare’s other e-books, Ghost House Revenge, Good Night Sweet Angel, Come Down into Darkness and Cries of the Children!

My Thoughts/Review


I read this book many years ago on paperback and when I saw it was now available on Kindle I couldn’t resist giving it another read.

Great ghost story as Melanie and Gary move in to their dream home with their kids, things start to happen that can’t be explained. The ghost is a centuries old builder and owner of the house who lost the love of his life and now he wants Melanie.

The family start to look at the past of the house and it’s owners to try and work out what happened and to help save their lives against this unseen evil presence.

For anyone who likes a ghost story with a bit of romance this is a great read. It’s well written and easy to follow and I couldn’t put it down. It’s a relatively short book with only 240 pages, however there is the follow up Ghost House Revenge!

I notice the reviews on amazon are very mixed I enjoyed it, if you have read it what did you think? Please leave your views in the comments.

If you would like to read this book and decide for yourself what you think you can buy it on iBooks and Amazon UK

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