#bookreviews – The Clairvoyants Handbook ~Amy Hale~


Possibly the most user friendly how to learn clairvoyance book you will find. It describes aspects of the authors journey from a new learner and previous sceptic to a practising medium with all of the highs, lows and difficulties experienced along the way. This is an absolute must for anyone who is trying to develop their clairvoyant abilities or for those who are simply curious about the spirit world. The exercises are so easy to follow – the first down to earth spiritual book with a large dose of humour thrown in.

About the Author

This is my journey and one I wanted to share because I know how it feels when you get frustrated with your own development and want to know why an exercise is not working for you. Hopefully, I can help explain why your spiritual development is not going as quickly as you would like, why some aspects of a reading are not accurate and what you can do to get back on track. I know how amazing it feels when you get those nuggets of information that are so clear and accurate that you know you are working with spirit, and the dreaded silences or inaccuracies that leave you feeling crushed. The more you follow the exercises in this book, the more you will connect with spirit and improve the skills you need to become more confident in your spiritual abilities. Some exercises in the book may work exceptionally well for you and others may not. It was exactly the same for me with some exercises that just ‘clicked’. Let me walk you through the basics of clairvoyance and describe my journey of learning. Hopefully, you will identify with a lot of the highs and lows I experienced and realise that the school of spirit is a wonderful place. I’m not an expert and I have not written a book that’s incredibly serious and devoid of humour. If that is the type of book you are looking for then step away from the “Add to Basket” button! DO NOT click that button! If you read some of my withering reviews, then you’ll see that my writing is not for everyone, but if you are looking for someone to hold your hand and share a laugh with you on your journey, then please, click away. I will be happy to join you and share your spiritual journey. I am still working as a nurse, and no, I am not a full time practising medium. Tony Stockwell and Psychic Sally are safe from my skills. I don’t undertake readings for money but will deliver a much-needed message when necessary and still love to work with spirit. The spirit world is an amazing place and it’s overwhelmingly comforting to know that our loved ones are still here with us. Our lives take paths that we may not understand now, but until you switch the light on, you’ll always remain in the dark.

My Thoughts/Review


Wow what a fabulous book! As I said in my review on Gordon Smiths book on Mediumship I have been interested in Mediumship and tarot for most of my adult life, during that time I have had numerous readings from tarot readers, psychics and mediums some were better than others as you may imagine!

Then I lost my best friend to cancer and in trying to get a message from her I was told that I had the gift and could be a medium and my friend may become one of my spirit guides. I was shocked but also excited by the possibilities this opened up.

I bought this book soon after that reading and I found it very informative and interesting, I think it’s quite a personal thing to share with others and I really respect the author for sharing this experience.

The meditations and exercise were really useful and ones that I have returned to throughout my own development. It’s helped me to understand when something doesn’t work for me and to carry on and try something else. We all work differently and what works for one person doesn’t for another which is something we can forget when we’re learning something new, especially when you see others and they make it look easy.

Everyone’s journey is different but we’ll have our ups and downs along the way and this book helps you to see this is natural and not something that should put you off.

This book packs in a lot of information but is a relatively short book with only 218 pages, I read it in an afternoon/evening.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a medium or if you just have an interest in the spirit world it’s an informative and entertaining read.

If you have read this book what did you think of it? Did it help you with your own development? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you are intrigued and would like to read this book for yourself then it’s available from here Amazon UK

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