The Blood Bond Saga – Helen Hardt

First of all I apologise to my followers that it has been a while since I reviewed any books, I have still been reading and I will try and catch up on reviewing the amazing books I have been reading.

I have mixed feelings regarding this book series, I will start with the good points. The storyline and plot of the books is superb, interesting characters and for the most part it’s well written. My biggest gripe is that this is made up of 15 books, however you must be aware that none of these books are standalone, they follow on from where the previous one left off so I don’t understand why they are separate books, other than a way to make more money by the author!

Because the story is stretched out across so many books, areas of it feel repetitive and like the author was just filling time, so towards the end I started to find this really frustrating. If this had been written as one novel with all the repetition removed it would have been far more enjoyable because the plot was great, the characters were interesting and I was hooked and needed to know what happened.

I must also mention that I had the first book free on Amazon kindle, but once you read the first book, of course you will want to get the others to find out what happens!

Spoiler alert – the books follows characters, vampire Dante Gabriel who has been missing for 10 years, held captive and on the day he escapes captivity he meets nurse Erin Hamilton and they inexplicably form a bond. The blood bond is something that hasn’t been documented as happening for centuries, so little is known about it. Then women patients start to go missing from the hospital where Erin works, soon Erin works out that all the women that have disappeared have a blood type of B+ but some of them return although they have no recollection of what has happened to them during the time they have been gone.

Dante having been held captive since he was 18 years old, had missed out on so much of the things a vampire would learn from its parent, when Dante returns he finds out his Dad and his uncle are also missing. They went to look for Dante and never returned.

Having never slept with a woman, Dante struggled with his pull towards Erin, they were clearly very attracted to each other, but Dante wasn’t sure he could control himself and not drain Erin whilst in the throws of passion, there was a lot of will they won’t they in the beginning which I felt was a bit drawn out.

The story had so many twists and turns and incorporated shape shifters, a medium, ghosts and a voodoo priestess, set in New Orleans. It’s very much Vampire Diaries meets Fifty Shades of Grey!

It’s definitely worth a read but you do need to perceiver with the repetition and the number of books, as the story over all was very good. I was a little disappointed at the ending, I felt it was a bit abrupt and it left quite a few loose ends, that I personally would have like to have been tied up.

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