Book Review – Mansplainer by Colleen Charles

Book Synopsis

Just because I don’t agree, doesn’t mean I don’t understand…

I’m on top of the NYC art world, so when I hear about the elusive potter, Henry Garrison, at my boutique gallery, it yanks my chain. I’m known for booking the hottest indie artists in NYC, and I’ve never even heard of this guy. As soon as I meet him and see his vases, I know I’ve got to showcase his work.

Even though some of the artists I feature are hot, I’ve never crossed that line. They’re my clients, nothing more.

But Henry awakens my body in way I haven’t felt in years. In a way I’ve worked hard to avoid.

Watching him mold the clay buzzes my lady bits back to life. The way his sinewy forearms work the wheel. The way his fingertips can transform a misshapen, brown lump into an exquisite piece of art … I want to know how it feels to be renewed just like the clay. To be worshipped, body and soul.

Even career women have needs, and he’s got the hands for the job.

After I feature his work in my gallery, we’ll count our money and go our separate ways, right? Keep everything casual.

Too bad life always seems to have other plans. And I’m about to get mansplained.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book about Meadow and Henry, it’s got everything you want in a book, emotion, happiness, sadness, sex and romance. I was on a rollercoaster reading it, laughing one minute and crying the next.

The characters are believable and you have the main characters along with a suitable villain and of course the very camp assistant Shannon.

A very entertaining read which I really enjoyed and I would recommend.

If you want to find out more about the author Colleen Charles check out her website at:

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If you have read this book please share your views in the comments.

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