#bookreview – Easy Freedom ~Liz Berry~

Book Synopsis:

Cathy Harlow, a brilliant young painter, has at last given in to the pressures around her and agreed to marry rock musician superstar, Paul Devlin, and to keep his baby.

But Cathy is still filled with doubts, for her art is the most important thing in her life and at only seventeen she desperately fears being overwhelmed by Dev and his fame and money.

Her relationship with Dev has inflicted wounds, which she can’t forgive or forget. She feels threatened too, by Dev’s best friend Chris, who sees Cathy and Dev and himself, as bound in a kind of mystical triangle.

Cathy’s struggle to overcome the stresses of her new life and her attempts to find herself and regain her lost freedom makes an unusual and compelling love story that leads to a moving climax.

Set in the vivid worlds of rock music and art, Easy Freedom is a gripping story about redemption and forgiveness, and also has much to say about the real problems faced by a girl with a vocation.

About the Author

Liz Berry lives in London. She is a painter who exhibits her work regularly. She has been head of art in an East London high school, a careers guidance counsellor helping young people plan their futures, worked in politics, and for a well-known examination body. She also runs her own small art gallery.

My Review:


Absolutely brilliant follow up to Easy Connections, Cathy meets famous rock Star Dev aka Paul Devlin from the band easy connections whilst she is staying with family who live in a police house that ajoins Dev’s property. Dev rapes Cathy thinking she is a groupie looking to get with him and following that one night Cathy gets pregnant and tries to bury her head in the sand and runs away.

Dev pursues her relentlessly and at the end of the previous book she agrees to marry him and allow him to support her and keep the baby.

This book follows Cathy and Dev’s unusual relationship as they try to get past the violence of the night the baby was conceived and Cathy’s need for her art. It’s well written and you don’t want the story to end. Such an amazing story and although it was controversial 30 years ago it’s still a fabulous and original book and one I will never get tired of reading.

It may be aimed at the teen market but still a superb read for adult audiences.

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