#bookreview – The Diary of a Happy Medium ~Dawn Sherwood~


Although there are several books within the market, that describe specific terminology within the psychic/clairvoyant world. I personally did not find them geared to the more ‘down-to-earth’ person that I like to think I am.

Many people who I meet either through evenings of clairvoyance or in my classes are your typical working person who want to find out more without becoming too ‘hippy’ or ‘tree huggy’.

There are more and more people out there who want to experiment and if I had read a book by what I felt was a normal person then I probably would have enjoyed some of my experiences more when I was learning.

The aim of this book is to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ of some of the more common terms as well as giving examples of personal experiences within each area. With this in mind, the book has been broken down into two specific areas.

The first is a diary of my experiences over the past year. From acknowledging that I wanted to move forward and carry out classes and evenings, as well as documenting the pitfalls as well as the successes of the year.

The second area of the book is a ‘how to’ which will hopefully answer the most common questions that I most definitely had when I first started and are always the ones that I get asked at the start of a new class.

Overall, the most important factor that I want anyone reading this book to realise, is that you can have humour when carrying out this ‘work’ and that EVERYONE has ability with one very important reminder. There is no right or wrong way only ‘your way’.

About The Author:

Scotland, Dawn now lives in the slightly warmer climes of Cheshire.

A curiosity of psychics and their abilities took Dawn down an interesting route where she found that there was a need for a more down to earth approach to developing and understanding this particular subject.

Diary of a Happy Medium investigates her own Psychic Development and dispels some myths about this being a ‘specialised subject.

Dawns second book is one of fiction – Presumed Dead is a mystery thriller following the investigation of Annie Murdoch who has been asked to help in an investigation for a missing business man on the island of Gozo.

As well as working full-time as an IT Project Manager, Dawn is also studying for a degree in Psychology – yet another route to understanding what makes people the way they are.

When Dawn has a ‘quiet’ moment, you may find her touring around the country with her husband Graham who is in the Kate Bush Tribute Band; Never for Ever. The only act in the UK that actually presents the whole Kate Bush experience of music, dance and costume. You never know – this could end up being the subject matter of her next book!

My Thoughts/Review


Let me start this review by saying I have worked with Dawn in an IT Capacity and I never would have known that we shared similar interests in the world of psychic development and Mediumship.

When we finally spoke about the subject it turned out Dawn started her journey in the same place that I did attending the 2 courses on offer locally. Dawn was focused enough to go on and share her knowledge with others through her continued development and this book captures her journey.

Living in a nearby area to Dawn it was wonderful to read about local landmarks and also to know that Dawn has done similar activities to myself during my own development.

This down to earth look at the work that goes into Psychic development and how even when you can see results we all still doubt our gifts.

A great read if you’re interested in Psychic development or considering starting that journey yourself. This book is not available on Kindle but you can buy a paperback copy here Amazon UK

If you have read this book I would be interested to read your views which you can leave in the comments.