Estelle Roberts

Fifty Years A Medium

The Book
Originally published in 1959 under the title Forty Years a Medium.

In 1969 Estelle Roberts’ autobiography was brought up to date by the addition of a chapter covering her life during the following ten years.

The book is packed with personal anecdote. Descriptions of mass meetings at the Royal Albert Hall interchange with those of inmate private sittings. It deals at length with clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometry; with healing and with the laying of ‘ghosts’. Of particular interest are the descriptions of direct voice séances and their resulting communications with departed spirits.

Whatever may be your views on Spiritualism – whether you are confirmed in the faith, accept it with an open mind, are sceptical of it or even openly antagonistic – you cannot fail to be impressed by the quiet sincerity with which Estelle Roberts writes.

As she herself points out, it has been no part of her purpose in the writing of this book to seek converts to spiritualistic belief; her concern has been solely to present the facts as she knows them. But what astounding evidence she has to offer.

My Views:


As someone who is training in the gift of mediumship I was recommended this book by a very gifted medium who has been tutoring me. I decided to purchase a copy and before starting to read it I heard others say they could not get on with the book and had given up, so I was expecting it to be difficult to read.

Well how wrong could I have been? I have read this book over 3 days and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I have learned a lot from it as it covers all aspects of mediumship including clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, physical mediumship, trance mediumship and direct voice mediumship.

Estelle Roberts dedicated her life helping hundreds of people to connect with their loved ones after they passed over to the spirit realm. Providing proof of life after death, she connected with many people from different walks of life, including some famous people and I was even surprised by the mention of a message from a young chap who died in the War, he was desperate to get a message to his Mum who lived only a few miles up the road from where I live now and literally a stones throw from where I went to school. Her messages brought comfort and closure to many during the war years especially to those whose sons or husbands were missing, Estelle was able to provide proof of whether they were still alive or whether they had passed to the spirit realm.

For anyone who is interested in Mediumship or spiritualism this book is a truly fascinating read, I wish I had been alive whilst Estelle Roberts was still on the earth plane as I would have loved to see her work as the descriptions of seances and demonstrations of mediumship at the Royal Albert Hall sound absolutely amazing.

I would absolutely recommend this book, whether you are interested in spiritualism or whether you are a sceptic, it will certainly give you food for thought.