The All Souls Trilogy – Deborah Harkness

After seeing the tv adverts for A Discovery of Witches, when I found out this was based on a book, I decided to read the book before I watched the tv series, as books are always better in my humble opinion!

This book tells the story of Diana Bishop, the youngest in a long line of Bishop Witches, however Diana has never embraced her magic, she has avoided it.

The books starts in the setting of Oxford and features the Bodleian library, where Diana is busy studying old alchemy manuscripts, she inadvertently orders Ashmole 782 and sets a chain of events in motion.

This attracts many different creatures, including witches, demons and vampires, including Matthew De Claremont, a Doctor and vampire descended from the De Claremont family.

Diana and Matthew are attracted to each other and become mated, however this is against the covenant for creatures of different species to form a bond and the books tell the story of their journey through time, as they seek the missing pages of Ashmole 782 believing this holds the secrets of the different species, it represents the book of life.

This superb series of books all brought together in one volume, is amazing, the characters are interesting and well written, author Deborah Harkness is an historian and this shows in her writing, the books get you hooked until you can’t put it down until you finish reading every page.

I can’t recommend this series enough, if you like mythical historical fiction, that is well written then you will love this series.

If you enjoy these books you can also read The Times Convert which follows Marcus & Phoebe’s story but also updates you on the lives of Diana & Matthew and their family.

I really hope Debora Harkness does other spin offs to follow other characters, I would love to read more about Ysabeau’s story.

The second series of The Discovery of Witches should be coming soon, so if you prefer to read the book first you need to get reading!

For more Information about the series and on Deborah Harkness check out her website